Saturday, December 31, 2011

time for reflection

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A brand new year tomorrow...
What have I achieved this year?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing...

I came to a point where I just wanted to do absolutely nothing. And that is exactly what I did. I got fed-up with work. I decided that I wanted to become a stay at home mom. I decided that I do not want to do what I was doing then anymore.

I got fed-up thinking how extremely routined my life is. And I decided that a temporary break would do me alot of good. You know how we sometimes go through both highs and lows? well mine were all lows...

I guess I became like this after having things way too easy for me. I came to a point where I realised that I end up not knowing anything anymore and felt a little lost along the way. It also became a time when I wasn't as grateful, and I fail to count my blessings when opportunities where practically being thrown at me.

I lead my 2011 thinking that I know everything, and so ignorant was I that I could have become arrogant along the way.

But Allah is great, and when He opens your eyes, you will start seeing things so cleary that you can't help but say Subhanallah and Alhamdulillah for having been shown the way.

The last few months have been one where I strive to seek and find myself again. It's also a time where I decided to go back to the basics, and learnt to become closer to God. Alhamdulillah, I felt happier, more calm and less ambitious. I learned to accept things and people for what it is and who they are. I still strive for perfection, if not almost. But I also understand that you cannot have everything in life and sometimes the course you take might not work out for you in the end.

I am indeed blessed that no matter what, I still have my husband, son and family who would love me unconditionally. I am grateful to Allah S.W.T (exalted is He) that we are all blessed with good health, and there will always be love and respect in our hearts.

2012 will be a year filled with new things no doubt. and Insya Allah, it will also be a year filled with repentance, from the mistakes made in the past.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Redha itu ikhlas, pasrah itu berserah...

I don't know why, but I know i'm totally hooked after watching it for the first time this morning. I know i'm a tad late as opposed to you guys out there. But really, if malay movies are this good, I wouldn't mind watching it over and over and over again.

Aaron Aziz is no doubt hot. But the whole storyline is humbling and it makes you think if you were to be in izzah's shoes, would you actually resort to be so self-sacrificing, and after seeing that man you love actually took to walking down the aisle (just a matter of expression) to another woman? i know for a fact that would definitely have bludgeoned my husband if that's what it takes to stop him from doing so... (okay, i swear i saw hubby looking worried now after reading this bit)... well, no harm done as long as you behave... :P

it's a lovely movie to watch. it's worth the rm15 + 6% govt tax which I am paying to my upcoming astro bill. :)


Lion city... AUM!!!!

So we decided to spend our year end hols in Singapore. (It's already routined and Singapore no doubt feels like 2nd home now)... :P

On the way, of course we just had to stop by JPO. Especially with all the hype and from reviews read, I was initially very curious to see what it's like. One thing for sure, JPO was packed with people! Well, it was boxing day when we got there, but it's not like they have massive sales taking place. And I did compare the prices with the ones sold at retail in KL. Truth be told, there aren't that much difference price wise. I think after taking into account mileage and fuel, you might as well just bear with getting what you want in KL. So much wiser. But yes, at least I've been there so if anybody asks, I would say yes, I've been there... :)

Singapore on the other hand was lovely. Of course I kept telling myself that I will NOT splurge and that I am here solely for the sake of getting a wardrobe overhaul from H&M. And that was exactly what I did. Ngeh heh heh... Of course the same couldn't be said when we got to Marina Bay Sands the next day. Lovely place it is and the LV maison boutique? It's wonderful... There's even a deck upstairs for you to lounge and chill!

I think I will just leave you guys with the pics. Do forgive me for the poor quality pics. I think I shouldn't be getting myself a DSLR but a good phone with fantastic built-in camera! I'm an on-the-go type of gal so my pics are usually those taken and uploaded to facebook pronto. (like hassle-free gitu) :p

Anyways, what are your resolutions for next year? I've loads to blog about mine. But I'd prolly wait till tomorrow since it would be more apt, with tomorrow being new year's eve and all...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wishlist 2012

mulberry small bayswater in fuchsia -

hermes enamel bracelet - credit pic to luxury

balenciaga giant city bag in papyrus -

christian louboutin simple 70 patent leather pumps - 

kitchenaid artisan mixer - credit pic to

yes, only 5 must haves items on my list for next year. I'm not going to kill myself into getting 10-12 bags like I did this year. it's suicidal. i'm resigned to the fact that I cannot have all the bags in the world, so I might get the ones that I would really like and use. two bags i'm looking at. anything additional would be a bonus... (god help me)...

of course, having only 5 items on the list also means that I can spread the months evenly into getting each of them! :D

Sunday, December 25, 2011

sleepy sunday

done with SIL's wedding reception. Alhamdulillah, it went very well last night... hooray!!

I need to start packing later. Leaving for Singapore tomorrow. Yeap, decided that we are going somewhere after all and having spent the last few weeks helping out with the wedding prep, hubby and I are indeed looking forward to this well deserved break.

Boxing day in Singapore!!!! awesomeness...!! :D

will be away for a couple of days so do hang in there folks. Will resume to blogging when I get back.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

wishlist number 1!

okay okay... i just have to blog about this one. okay, maybe not to blog. but more of having to put this post up.

i can't wait much longer. it's a got-to-have bag like now... Now... NOW!!!!!

small mulberry bayswater in magenta - credit pic to

this is going to be striked off my wish list soon... i just know it... especially when it's already in my shopping cart... *grins*

Happy happy joy joy!!! :D

busy as a bee

i've aching back and throbbing fingers... i'm also lacking sleep and should be prone to skin breakouts anytime soon...

you see, i've been real busy... doing this that is;

bunga telur... hey hey!!
it's sis in law's wedding reception tonight and the whole family's been quite occupied now. will blog more about it later... :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

need vs want

I am in dire need of a sling bag. I realised that I do not own one. well, I do have loads of bags with an extra strap to get by but a sling bag per se? nope... none... nada...

I used to have one, and having used it for a trip abroad i decided to make do without it cause i don't think it suited me after all. sheesh, i'm sure some of you would already be rolling your eyes thinking (and aloud for some) it's just a sling bag... just get any you see and get it done and over with!

oh, but I don't work that way. that's why my life is sometimes extra complex. onn nomm nomm... -_-

i've been eyeing the tod's pashmy luna for a very very very long time. and now that they are no more in stores it makes me want it even so much more! of course there's the price to think about. i swear that i could get it waaaay cheaper in bicester but the cost of airfare, hotel, transport.  guess the prices put up by some blogs out there selling actually justifies the price for this one.

there's also the MBMJ preppy bag and if you are talking about durability, MBMJ's nylon or leather would last longer. but tod's pashmy are just lovely. i've a few tod's in pashmy and i could attest to that. i'm torn now (all for a sling bag? sheesh!)...

tod's pashmy luna - pic from

MBMJ preppy hillier hobo - pic from

but i really am in need of a sling bag. i really need one now and i should get one pronto!

p/s: now that i'm looking at both bag pics on the same page, i think the MBMJ has a nicer look and definitely would not burn a hole in my already torn pocket!! :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a place to call home... NOT!

Had the weirdest dream last night... And I dreamt that hubby bought us this;

pic taken from
 Yes yes, in my dream, hubby brought back this caravan and he had the cheek to tell me that because of the ridiculously expensive prices of homes, he decided to invest all our life's savings into a caravan because it's so much more cheaper, and that because it's mobile, we will not have to worry about leaving our belongings anymore because this home will go wherever we go...

He also mentioned (in my dream that is) that this is a special edition caravan and that it comes with its own portable lawn...

I woke up not feeling amused at all... and the fact that hubby is currently away in singapore for work is not helping either..

caravan... sheesh!

Monday, December 19, 2011


A lovely stroll at Hyde park

I love grey, forlorn weathers. I just do. I loved it when it drizzles in the early morning and I like it even better spending time on my own, just enjoying the sights around me whilst enjoying a cup of tea, with a good book to keep me company.

I think gloomy weathers are the epitome of all things romantic. It makes you want to do crossword puzzles. It makes you want to strike a conversation with some random person near you... It makes you want to just snuggle deeper underneath that 400 thread count duvet which you got at 70% off from the most recent sale... (it's really worth buying!).

Grey weathers... if only we could have loads more of grey, damp, gloomy weathers here... *le sigh*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

gorgeous to the mostest...

pic taken from
came across this pic when reading from fashion foie gras. she looks amazing doesn't she? and how old is she again? some people ages very very well whereas some just don't. i do hope that i too will age gracefully (insya Allah, amin)...
this is what i would call fresh-face-all-american-look...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

humble setting, brilliant food!!!

Now, I should make clear that this is not a foodie blog. never intended to be. But right now, it's all that I could think off (and I mean the food) that I just have to share it with you guys reading. I mean, how could I keep it all to myself, when it's something so good? :)

photo credits to
 Now, I knew nuts about this place too, untill I was told about it by my sis in law. She and her hubby I tell you, are real foodies. They will go practically everywhere just to give good food a try, and their personal reviews (so far) have been worth noting.

And to The Humble Chef we went last night. Ordered two sets of lamb pitas, one lamb omelette and two packs of choc chips cookies. Food were very reasonable priced and because it was still drizzling when we got there, we definitely did not have to wait long.

Boy was the food awesome!!!! The pita was filled with loads of meat and cheese and for that price you pay? It's more that what a person could have bargained for. Of course I was (then) a bit sceptical about the lamb omelette I ordered for Ian in case it turned out a very weird-tasting combo, (they do have another option - chicken) but because I just love lamb, I decided to have everything in lamb fillings. My doubts did not last long though because Ian (my son) loved it to bits!

The cookies were great too! Wished it was bigger but for RM4 a pack, it really is a good price for such delicious choc chips. Even hubby agreed that the food are indeed value for money and that we should order more the next time ago (yes, we sometimes do cave in to gluttony). they do have spaghettis and others on the menu so maybe you guys could check it out when you make a visit to The Humble Chef.

And I think I should make another trip soon. Real soon...  Like tonight soon... :p

The Humble Chef
Pusat Bandar Damansara
(Take the road that will leads to McDonald’s, and you’ll see a small white van on the other side near the bridge. That's The Humble Chef!) :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

when it rains...

Yummy, scrumptious cinnamon toasts by yours truly :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

a self proclaimed addiction

I was never much of a cadbury fan. All my life, my preference to chocolate would either be reese's peanut butter cupcakes (owh, i do still love 'em!), snicker bars, and of course... m&m's peanut chocolates. i did went through a phase of eating only kinder bueno... i practically mentally harassed my SIL back then to help get me boxes of kinders just so it will never run out, and that i will always have a box to spare at home.

I was in london with  An (my hubby) and Ian (my bodyguard son) in march this year and we did make a trip to cadbury world located in birmingham. I guess I had this vision of cadbury world to be like something from charlie and the chocolate factory, only that I was met with what else? a FACTORY that looks just like any other chocolate producing factory that you might come across in malaysia. Disappointed? maybe.. I mean, all the hype about cadbury world... tsk tsk...  but we were there and so we did the tour around the factory (unfortunately, most sections were closed) so we did not get to see much. But they do have a good cafeteria that serves delicious fish & chips (that's a plus) and of course, the chocolate corner where you could buy as many chocs produce from cadbury. They even have a discounted chocs section where the chocs were being sold at cheaper prices but with a shorter 'used by' date too...

yeap, that's me at cadbury world birmingham

the chocolate store

Anyways, chocs shopping I did that day and I still remember loading on cadbury hot choc powder drinks, cadbury flakes, cadbury chocs by the bars (i bought nearly all flavours) to give to friends and families but cadbury fingers? i didn't come across any! i seem to have forgotten that they have cadbury fingers too and it did not crossed my mind until I came across them fingers about a month ago, at a local kedai runcit nearby my parents' house.

pic courtesy of

oh the joy!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A date with Ian!

And so I promised Ian that we are going to do something fun today :)

I used to 'religiously' come to this place with my sis many many years ago when we were much younger. back then, PFH was at SS15, in one of the shop-houses opposite what is now Asia Cafe. We would either walk or pestered mom to send us and she'll come fetch us a few hours later - 2 kids beaming with their so-called work of art. :) those were the days where we don't have ASTRO mind you. So we had to find other things to do to while the time away. 

Having chance upon PFH when I sent Ian for his baking class two weekends back (will blog about that one in my next entry perhaps) I decided to bring him today so that he'll get to experience that first time colouring plaster, plaster of paris to be exact. I don't know why is it called plaster of paris. But my guess being the french could have come up with a sort of mould since they are pretty good with figurines, yes?

Anyways, their collection have certainly grown over the years but I did come across some of the classic ones which I too have painted back then. It's really easy, All you have to do is to come in, choose whichever figurine that catches your eye (ian chose a sports car with a driver in it and I, a butterfly) and the crew member will provide you with paints, brushes, water and palette for FREE!! yay!!

Oh, and they have a mini cafe too where you can order cakes, coffee, cold juice while enjoying your time painting your plaster pieces... :)

Ian and his sportscar

my butterfly

Ian's final product (he does have a dark side this one)

some of the finished products on display

We didn't take long to finish our painting. Once done, you can just pass your finished product to anyone of the crew and they will seal the colour with top coat and if you like, some glitters. Ian chose to have silver ones on his whereas I didn't put any, (dang I should have done so!)... anyways, if you have plans to bring your kids to somewhere fun and don't mind them getting their hands dirty, do give this place a try! 

Empire Shopping Gallery
Level 2#S-05
Subang Jaya


Monday, December 12, 2011


i should have done this moons ago. but i was still pondering over what i was going to do then. and i stayed idle for a bit before i decided to just give this a shot (again!!).

i wouldn’t even know anyone who’d be interested to read this blog. my life’s isn’t exactly dull. but neither is it awesomely fabulous. i think i am inspired to blog (again!!!) there are just so many other blog writers out there who are willing to share their life, and you could just learn so much from these people. whether good or bad, that part is subjective. you cannot judge a person just from their rants you see. it takes more than reading to really learn and understand, and getting to know someone.

okay, i shall end my rants for today. i need to get a really good camera so that i can furnish this blog with fabulous pictures! i hope to get a good one soon. i want a dslr, but not the bulky type, but it has to look like a dslr… nevermind if you don’t get what i mean. i do wonder if anyone of you out there would be kind enough to suggest me good brands that i could perhaps look into. only first entry today and i already have this vision of being invited by nuffnang to cover events and write reviews on their clients behalf! (oh the cheek of me!!)… *BLUSH* but hey, who knows… if i could make a career out of this. fingers crossed… till then, i will write again soon! :)