Friday, June 29, 2012

ready, steady, shop!

this gives me heart palpitations...

tell you the truth. i already checked out the sale yesterday. it was the first day of sale, and i was there. i had my AGM in the morning and come noon, i told my boss that i needed to go because i wanted to be at the zara sale.

i have been known to take leave just for the sake of the sale's first day.

yes, i take my zara sale seriously.

muchas gracias.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my little man is 5

ian turned five on sunday.

we had his birthday do on saturday cause i stood by the mantra that sunday is a day of rest.

i even wear nice clothes on sundays even when i am at home because i actually take the term 'sundays best' seriously. i was highly influenced by enid blyton and the brits i think. (nothing to do with religion here)...

anyways, back to Ian. since it was a small do. it involved only family members from both sides. a nice cosy get together with good food, colourful made to order cake from Whisk (i can't thank emma khalid enough for accommodating my request), macarons and loads of other goodies.

and me being the noob, i didn't take that many pics on that day and only took the cake pic after it has been 'scarred' by Ian. hahahahah!

oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN!!!  :)

gotta give some bag TLC

i was so excited when this arrived by post ...

like really crazy happy...

had to wait for a good 1 week since it's practically sold out at the B boutique here and the next shipment prolly arrives mid-july, which i definitely don't have the patience to wait!

so i made that call across the straits and hey ho! they have stock loads of the nourishing cream! hurrah!!!!!

practically twisted my cousin's arm (he stays in singapore by the way) to get the cream and post it over cause i do not want any other leather nourishing cream when it comes to my B bag. i mean it...

thank you cousin hazi & dee... parcel has arrived safely! :D

Thursday, June 21, 2012


you know what makes me crazy happy these days? :D

credit pic -
i can never say know to these awesome goodness cookies. like really! i love it to bits. it's the closest i could get to mrs. field's and millie's cookies.

i'm gonna get loads of this for ian's birthday do. then i am gonna only like serve only 4 pieces to family members and save the other 50 pieces for myself.

muah hah hah!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

kurungs galore

ramadhan's round the corner. yippiedieyayai!!!

and here i am, trying to finish off the few more days i owed from last year's ramadhan. i should be done by end of this week, Insya Allah. And yes! i look forward to the upcoming ramadhan because that will be time for me to earn more points by doing more ibadah! (Insya Allah!!) :D i believe it's okay to express your desire to want more pahala. you are doing it for the sake of Allat SWT and you should be happy to do it :)

also, have you decided what colour theme is this year's raya going to be? i have a confession to make *GULPS*...

i have a huge penchant for cloth  / textiles and baju kurung. and i went mental shopping at Jakel last year that i ended up making 10 pairs of baju kurung in the end. nope, not kidding. 10 pairs!!! not to forget the additional ones i bought from poya. oh yes, the make lovely kurung pahang and i love them to bits. a bit pricey but when you look at the cutting, the detailing and the fact that it's evergreen (all traditional kurungs are!) i guess it was money well spent. would have been better if i have a daughter whom i would be able to pass down all these kurungs to. but that's a different story altogether.

credit pic - nisa

so yes, i had more than 10 pairs in the end. 13 perhaps? my raya was an ala celebrity one last year. a different pair each day! and it's not like i have open houses to go too on a daily basis. and i even had a different set for my balik kampung trip because wearing thai silk / beaded chiffon / silk chiffon balik kampung is a bit OTT and not to mention 'peghak' as i called it. come on lah, kampung is panas usually and for you to go back all dolled up wanting very badly to look like a KL-ite? you end up looking more kampung then kampung. seriously.... so i had a few more pairs of kurung cottons to wear balik kampung. which means i did not have 13 pairs. but prolly 15 pairs!!

ya rabbi... what devil was unleashed deep within me that time? shopping devil tahap tamak tak ingat i think. :S

so for this year, i will TRY my best to wear only the ones i already have. which means there will be no new kurungs. of course i had two pair done at matase sutera months ago but aside from that, i seriously don't have any new kurungs to boot for raya this year. i will FORCE myself to make do with the existing ones. i will save up that money and stashed it somewhere where it would be out of reach. (okay, maybe not such a good idea). but really! i will strive to live with my 15 pairs of kurungs!!! i will TRY!!!!!

p/s: okay, maybe just one pair from Nisa Mazbar please? :)

Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

writer's block

pic googled

I think i'm having writer's block, at the office. i'm supposed to start on tonnes of proposals and working paper, but my mind's just not on it. neither have i been blogging for the past week! oh what has become of me?

i am busy planning for my son's 5th birthday though. oh no, there won't be a massive hoo haa celebration to begin with. it's more of a celebration with family members where we'd either go somewhere for dinner or lunch, or when we feel like it, we'll just invite them over to our house for a small get together. i don't see any valid reasons to throw a massive party when i can save all that money to treat him to an awesome holiday abroad. yes, i am a prude like that :p don't take me seriously. i am not at all opposed to parents throwing lavish birthday parties for their kids. i mean, to each is his or her own. you shouldn't someone's way of spending nor way of life just because it's not according to yours. and i won't turn down any birthday invites either if can help it. i mean, it is always nice to stuff your face silly with free good food!

honestly, i don't even know what am i raving on about. i think i just needed that platform to write crap for a bit before i get back to my ever-existing workload. something's awfully wrong with the network connection. it has gone all slow now... i hate when the connection's being daft. not when i'm all revved up blogging. omg, which reminds me... i still have not completed the teach for malaysia form! i was so enthusiastic the first 15 minutes of filling it up and i can practically feel the excitement waned after filling it up half-way. not to mention the several phone calls i received from teach for malaysia reminding me to complete the form.

sigh, i am awful like that!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Madagascar 3

we are off to watch this later!!!  :D

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

when it's simple, understated, practical yet elegant ;)

i can strike this off the wish list now ... :)

that reflection you see in the mirror is me... not some stripe wearing 'hantu' :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012


so we did a short impromptu trip to A'Famosa Malacca. Really, it wasn't a planned trip at all. So happens that hubby got the day off on Friday (oil & gas are like that, if saturday is a PH then the Friday will automatically be an off day for all staff) and i happened to take half day off in the afternoon. was at in laws and realizing that hey, it's the school hols still and we still have not brought Ian to anywhere!!! not good, not good. so we decided to call and ask if there are any rooms still available, and woo hoo! there were two rooms available at the hotel resort. okaylah, can... inlaws tagged along and of we go to A'Famosa! :D

of course it was our first time to A'Famosa. Didn't put much expectations thinking that there won't be much to do. boy were we wrong! they had the cowboy town (which we didn't go cause we felt that Ikan Bakar at Muara Sg. Duyong meant so much more!), and the water world and of course, the animal safari.

SAFARI WAS AWESOME!!! we actually took the caged truck / tram we took was a thrilling ride. we get to see the wild animals up close. and once done with the ride, we get to walk on the other side of the safari where there was a sort of animal petting zoo for visitors to take pictures and touch the animals! best best...

we spent only one night there and probably, staying there an extra day would have enabled us to check out the cowboy town. well, next time perhaps. oh, and on the way back we decided to stop by this laksa place in Bangi called rimbun dahan (or something like that). it was a perfect ending to what was a 'whirlwind trip' of ours. hehehe...

okay, so i'm done babbling now. tired from the excitement and writing with exclamations! (woops)... hehehe... enjoy the pics! :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

blessed friday

i am blessed in many ways, without me even realizing it sometimes.

like how i can never ever die of starvation here, at the office. i've a cafeteria downstairs on the 1st floor, and there's the tea lady who also sells food (as her side income) on the 3rd floor. and the food's good.

so i know that i can never nor have any reason to be hungry here, in this office.

nasi lemak on a friday morning, lovely!

the best karipap sardin i've ever had! filled with loads of sardines... :)

i'm glad that i chose to work here in the end. well yeah, i am earning slightly lower that what i was used to at my previous workplace, but hey, a place where i can just come in wearing jeans and my ever reliable havainnas? i shouldn't even be complaining!

have a lovely friday peeps!!