Friday, September 19, 2014


I have been contemplating over the years if I should actually pursue my Masters. My logic being, with people being more tech savvy, smarter and definitely more well read, my degree will definitely not be sufficient enough to help me climb up the corporate ladder (chewah).

Truth is, I wanted to have a Masters degree just for the pure satisfaction of it, and nothing else. It's like a personal challenge which I have not yet fulfilled. But I am seeing alot of people around me actually sacrificing their weekends to attend classes and doing assignments, at the same time juggling working life, being a mom and a wife.

So tell me, should I just plough ahead and do it?

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Sunday, December 15, 2013


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I need to revive this blog. AGAIN!!!

What was initially a daily rant of my life's day to day encounters, it has somewhat become just an on and off blog postings that I do only when I really feel like it.

I will never get to be that famous blogger I had once upon a time conjured in my head.


There's just so many things to write about, but none that I feel like sharing right now. Maybe I am getting a tad rusty when it comes to expressing self thoughts. (Truth is, I just don't know where to start).

And year end is just coming waaaaay tooooooo sooooooonnnnn I feel. I have not even fulfilled my personal challenge list for my upcoming KPI review.

This year feels like an extremely bad year to me.

Loads which I need to (last minute) revised before I actually sit down with my boss for that review, appraisal and of course, the ultimate what-do-you-plan-to-do-for-the-company-next-year talk.

Like seriously? I strongly urged you to direct that particular question to the CEO instead.

Hah hah hah...

On a more spectacular note, I thought I should just share with you my latest acquisition before wrapping up this year:

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Yes, it's the medium sized Givenchy Pandora in crinkled washed grey leather. Exactly like the one here.

I have been mulling for the last couple of months just to see if I should get this bag, and I think I finally succumbed to the fact that it will indeed be a useful / functional / can throw around kinda bag which is always part of my personal bag requirement.

I know some peeps find it weird how the shape seems like it's jutting out. but when worn, it actually looks pretty cool and I like how it is actually pretty slouch that it compliments the wear it with washed jeans look very nicely indeed. And it has a longer strap which adds another 1 million extra bonus points as I can use it for my travels, which really makes it even the more convenient.

Till then,


Thursday, August 1, 2013

hello you back!

I know I had been keeping mum for over half a year. I am around. Only that laziness has steadily crept into the system that I just don't feel like blogging anymore. Remember when I first started this blog and was having all this dreams of making it big as a blogger, and being invited to all those glitz and glamorous events? Reality check, I am so bogged with work now that I don't even have the time to update my CV! (not that I wanted to)... I am really happy where I am, Alhamdulillah. Maybe I have finally found a place where I really feel that it's worth slogging the hours for, even if the rewards aren't as amazing as what I was used to getting. Allah knows better and may I live under His guidance all the way.

We did a bit of traveling earlier this year. Well, it was more of a spiritual journey because we went for our Umrah trip. :) Alhamdulillah, it went really smooth and though we may have encountered some very minor hiccups, it was all good in the end. Syukur to Allah for giving us the chance and rezeki. It was pretty impromptu. Wasn't something that we really put into planning. But I guess when it is a calling, just follow your heart and go. In sha Allah He will help you with the rest. We went with Ustaz Don by the way under Tabung Haji Travel. It was indeed a privilege because not only did we get to perform our Umrah and visit Medina to convey our Salams to Rasulullah SAW, but we had the chance to listen to Ustaz Don giving his ceramah too. Alhamdulillah.

I need to head home now. Breaking fast at in laws place tonight. Meanwhile, do enjoy some pics taken from the trip!

Monday, December 31, 2012

my favourite scent

my favourite ever ever ever and ever scent.

so tell me what's yours?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

post boxing day

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I wonder how's the neighbouring country doing these days.

Been a year since i last visited.

Believe me Singapore...  my heart has been aching for you... :(

Any longer and I might just belt out your national anthem... Majulah Singapuraaaaaaaaaaa


Monday, December 17, 2012

2 more weeks!!!

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2 more weeks to the NEW YEAR!!!

Have you listed down your resolutions(s)????!!!

I have...

And it is...

NOT to have any resolutions at all for next year!

Enough with the list. I mean it!

I'm done writing down the things I want to do and never ever achieving them (almost always, but not in it's entirety!)

I do resolve to be a better Muslim than I currently am though.

But that's just about it. And believe me, that is not something easy for me to achieve either.

In sha Allah...

May Allah SWT bless me and my family on this new journey...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

well hello there!!

I've been on silent mode... and for a very long time!

Well, not really... I've been around. Busy with loads and was away on a fantastico holiday. :D

How are you peeps? Doing good I hope. I know I am. well, maybe not all the time but  yes, Alhamdulillah... pretty good. life's been good. Syukur!

Thought I ought to share some pics of my recent hols with you readers. We were in Paris last month. A trip planned so many months in advance. And you know what, I think I did not go on hols enough. I love Paris! (like big time!). I thought I would love the UK more but no, I just love Paris!!! I love the people, I love the language (I actually put what I learnt in uni to good use), I love the weather (okay, UK has the same weather too so 'touche') but what I love most about Paris are the buildings! The scenery is breathtaking in a very romantic way. Sigh... The guys are yes, very good looking. Even the guy manning the elevator up the Eiffel. But you cannot deny that the French are damn stylos without having to break their necks doing so! (A method I need to learn, and fast!).

Enjoy the pics though! We'll catch up again soon yeah.