Thursday, May 31, 2012

munch munch ala melayu

i think i've developed a very bad habit of munching non-stop in the office.

all i would do is munch munch munch...

and munch munch munch some more...

it's yummy, not sure if it's unhealthy but definitely better that the other 'junks' out there...

mari sambung munch munch munch lagi...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

hey ho it's the school hols yo!

school holiday begins!!!

that fantastic feeling of not having to throng through traffic for the next two weeks? AWESOME!

no, we are not going anywhere this time around. saving every bit of what we got for year end, insya Allah. and i don't have that many leave days left too. I need to spare some for raya. i once decided to not apply for any leave prior to raya cause i figured it would be so much better to finish my work whilst everyone is away. well, never again. that sick feeling of knowing almost everyone is at home making the last minute prep for raya.... :(

anyways, back to school hols. i've a good mind to bring Ian to kidzania. been wanting to do since months ago but i don't know, somehow or rather we'd always end up going elsewhere. so yeah, i will make it a point to bring him one of these days.

as of now, the 'bos kecik' is definitely making full use of his no school days... :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

for sale

I'm putting this up for sale...

Chanel Biarritz Small
Measurements 11"H x 10" W x 4"D

It's new and I am not using it at all.

Comes with dustbag, paperbag, cards and receipt!

I hope there's a kind soul out there (aka CHANEL lover) who would give this bag a good home filled with lots of TLC. :)

oh, and not to forget, this bag has a zipper top which means it's very secure and it sits on the shoulder comfortably too!

Interested? Do email me at


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Went to meet my 'shoe designer' friend who has just recently launched her shoe collection Nelissa Hilman yesterday.

Her Spring Summer 12 Shoe Collection? GORGEOUS!!!!

Do check out and 'Like' her FB page. You won't be disappointed!! :)

The shoes may seem a tad pricey for one that is locally made. But remember, these shoes are custom made, and the materials are all sourced from abroad. I always believe that good shoes are indeed investments for your feet. And after trying on a few pairs, I was more than convinced that these shoes are worth it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

kitchen stuff

like OMG!!! *slaps forehead*

I'm absolutely hooked on kitchen stuff!! like anything that is related or has got to do with the kitchen catches my attention pronto!

to be honest, my kitchen at home is in a sad state still as we are planning to renovate the apartment only some time this year. (we haven't even called an ID person nor a contractor to come and asses the apartment). but i am already going nuts planning to stock up on every single thing for my kitchen!!!!! (berangan berangan)

all pics googled

oh, but I do know for a fact that i would like to have as many le creuset items at home. I don't care! :D