Sunday, December 15, 2013


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I need to revive this blog. AGAIN!!!

What was initially a daily rant of my life's day to day encounters, it has somewhat become just an on and off blog postings that I do only when I really feel like it.

I will never get to be that famous blogger I had once upon a time conjured in my head.


There's just so many things to write about, but none that I feel like sharing right now. Maybe I am getting a tad rusty when it comes to expressing self thoughts. (Truth is, I just don't know where to start).

And year end is just coming waaaaay tooooooo sooooooonnnnn I feel. I have not even fulfilled my personal challenge list for my upcoming KPI review.

This year feels like an extremely bad year to me.

Loads which I need to (last minute) revised before I actually sit down with my boss for that review, appraisal and of course, the ultimate what-do-you-plan-to-do-for-the-company-next-year talk.

Like seriously? I strongly urged you to direct that particular question to the CEO instead.

Hah hah hah...

On a more spectacular note, I thought I should just share with you my latest acquisition before wrapping up this year:

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Yes, it's the medium sized Givenchy Pandora in crinkled washed grey leather. Exactly like the one here.

I have been mulling for the last couple of months just to see if I should get this bag, and I think I finally succumbed to the fact that it will indeed be a useful / functional / can throw around kinda bag which is always part of my personal bag requirement.

I know some peeps find it weird how the shape seems like it's jutting out. but when worn, it actually looks pretty cool and I like how it is actually pretty slouch that it compliments the wear it with washed jeans look very nicely indeed. And it has a longer strap which adds another 1 million extra bonus points as I can use it for my travels, which really makes it even the more convenient.

Till then,


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